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I am a poet and the best thing I do is to write poems. My life has been shaped by this continuous act of self-knowledge or self-delusion. Decisions about earning my living, where I live and, when I was younger, whom I took to bed have always the fatal sentence, "I am a poet" murmuring in the background; an angelic chiming, a serpent's hiss, a madman's mutter, a statement of destiny or Sam's stubborn refusal to pick up his musket. I would prefer it to be the last of these. For one thing I detest authority when it lays claim to power, truth and obedience by virtue of being merely authority. This does not mean that I have set my face against canons of poems and poets, but I feel that contemporary poetry lacks critical principles and that there is frequent recourse to argumentum ad verecundiam in terms of temporary reputation and the venerability of certain academic literary critics, who have ceased to read poems with proper attention.

Being a poet may have coincided with an unsettled childhood and adolescence. I was brought up mostly abroad until my parents sent me to prep school at the age of nine. Almost by accident I took the 11-plus rather than Common Entrance. This saved me from the consequences of my father's extreme fecklessness as my secondary education was at a state grammar school. It would be a half-truth to say that the deprivation he caused has made me more sympathetic to other people, more alert to matters of justice. Perhaps if he had made anything of the opportunities he was given I might have led another life, but I think that Peter Porter has written the poem best describing the illusory nature of might-have-been lives. What I can say is that my father's only permanent gift was a wound or rather a psychological vacancy, after disappearing in vaudeville fashion. He vanished owing debts to everybody, debts which eventually included the knowledge of the manner, whereabouts and time of his death. It is difficult for a man to believe in death until his father dies.

For a time I thought I might be a chip off the old block. At Leeds University I was encouraged to write poetry although I read Political Studies. I refused the suggestion that I might pursue an academic career and worked firstly with homeless people in London and then, after falling in love, I spent a disastrous year as an articled clerk with a firm of accountants and lost my first love. This confirmed in me the desire to place poetry first and so therafter earning a living has been secondary to this ambition. I qualified as a teacher and then moved into language teaching. The 1970's otherwise passed in a pleasurable blur of what was available in that decade besides writing, love affairs, dabbling in the occult and frequent changes in residence.

In 1980 I left Britain, for good as it turned out, partly impelled by an income tax debt, but mostly because I wished to travel. I worked in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. On leave among other places I travelled to Egypt, India, the Caribbean, the USA and Central America, In 1988 sensing the gradual professionalisation of my particular genre of teaching I took a Master's degree in TEFL and in the autumn of 1989 took a lector's job with through the British Council in the then Czechoslovakia. I count myself lucky. In the Arab world I had made strenuous efforts to engage with Islamic culture, but failed. I arrived in the Slovak part of Czechoslovakia six weeks before the Velvet Revolution and found myself playing a small part in the centre of events. Until that time I had never lived anywhere for longer than six years. I am still resident in Slovakia and have gained a strong measure of personal stability from my Slovak wife, Viera, and daughter, Kate.
From 2002 until 2009 I worked as English Language Advisor to Armed Forces of Serbia and Montenegro and returned to Slovakia where I have worked as a lecturer in the University of Presov. I retired in August 2018.

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Born 1948 Aberdeen, Great Britain.
Married to Viera Schlosserová with one daughter, Katarína

1988 - 1989 University of East Anglia - School of Modern European History and Foreign Languages. Gained M.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
1973 - 1974 Matlock College of Higher Education - Nottingham University. Gained Postgraduate Certificate of Education to teach English and History.
1968 - 1971 Leeds University - School of Economics and Social Sciences. Gained B.A. Honours (Class 2 Division 1) in Political Studies

2009 - 2018 Lecturer in Cultural Studies the Institute of Anglish and American Studies, Presov University, Slovakia. 2002 - 2009 Peacekeeping English Project Manager, Serbia and Montenegro to the Serbian Armed Forces and Montenegrin Armed Forces
1989 - 2002 British Council English Language University lecturer, Teacher Trainer and Project Consultant, East Slovakia
1980 - 1988 Instructor in English Language in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Qatar
1976 - 1980 Teacher of English as a Foreign Language in England and Saudi Arabia
1974 - 1976 Teacher at Priory Road Church of England Middle School, Wimbledon, London
1972 - 1973 Articled Clerk in accountancy, WH Barnes and Co. (now Barnes Roffe) London.
1971 - 1972 Voluntary Social Worker, Simon Community, London


Society of Authors
Association of Translators


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Pazurik, translated by Jan Gavura, European House of Translation, Kosice, Slovakia 2013

Reka i crna macka, translated by Ivanka Radmanovic, Gramatik, Belgrade 2019

TRANSLATIONS (with Viera Sutherland-Smith except where stated)
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with Štefánia Allen and V S-S)
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with the Jan Gavura

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British Poetry from 1896 to 1953 Vydavatel'stvo Presovskej univerzity, Presov 2013
Approaches to Cultural Studies Vydavatel'stvo Presovskej univerzity, Presov 2017 (e-book)
Approaches to Cultural Studies Vydavatel'stvo Presovskej univerzity, Presov 2017 (e-book)


Britain - EC Gregory Award (for poets under 30) 1978,
Peterloo Poetry Competition 2002 Winner
America - Phillips Award, Stone Country Magazine 1984,
San Jose Studies Poetry Award 1984, 1987, 1991
Hviezdoslav Prize for Translation of Slovak Poetry 2003
Zlatko Krasni Prize for Translation of Serbian Poetry 2014

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