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Monday, 12 Jun 2006

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At a Trainstop

It was the time of my sweet sixteen
The nature was in vivid colours
yellow, orange and green.
Birds chirped their merry tunes,
rivers glistened like diamonds,
mountains stood like giants
basking in the sun.
The train stopped at the station
I came out in the corridor
when suddenly behind my back
steps were heard.

A German came up to me,
asked "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"
I replied: "Nein, ich spreche nicht Deutsch."
He continued asking
in Spanish: Habla e spagnol? ,
French: Parlez -- vous fran├žais?
then Italian: Parla italiano?
When he asked if I spoke English,
and I said: Yes,
he was disappointed.
He spoke nothing of English!

As soon as he left me
a Greek appeared.
He knew no languages,
but from Serbian he knew
one word solely.
When we passed a herd of cows,
he was joyous
and said the only Serbian word:
Krava -- a cow !

Ana Korizma

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Rush hour on the highway,
we sit in the car.
Feelings undefined hovering in the stiffened air.
Unspoken things make a high pressure and i'm suffocating!..
I give my best to rip off my emotions,
to tear a part of me away from U!...

Rain smuggles through the opened window..
It falls on the wet asphalt
dissolving the unsaid
dissolving my feelings
your inability to concentrate!
I feel better.

Misplaced feelings
Futile actions
A rose at the airport
Fits of anger in fulfillment
Fits of passion in apathy
Everything counts
No forgiving
Deep cracks
Plastered with new events
Phases of a woman
Total darkness
A thin line
I love...
I see...
History repeats
Your deeds are boomerang
Stop it!

Milena Jovanovic

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