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Poems with simple form

Sunday, 12 Feb 2006

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The session covered these concepts:

r epe tition
the use of simple language
the importance of line
nursery rhymes
visual images
Ezra Pound's Do's and don'ts

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Jasna Tepsic

a nursery rhyme

Tommy was by the pond, ready to play
Wearing his boots and a raincoat.
So he whiled many hours away
Pretending to be the captain of a paper boat.

He was ordering and jumping about
Not noticing the sky wasn't bright.
And he had even
the nerve to shout
At a marine who didn't salute right.

The strong winds will blow
The torrential rain will fall.
Hurry home, Tommy, don't be so slow
You will loose your men, your ship and all.

And it did blow
And it did rain
And Tommy never saw
His boat and his men again.

Branko Stojanovic


The splendour in the grass
has gone with the wind
and will never surpass
this winter, every winter.

To be or not to be
shall torture
my fair lady
this day, every day.

Careless whisper
won't be
her winter fur
this minute, every minute.

Once upon a dream
is now
but it doesn't seem
this second, the last second.

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