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Workshop in Negotin, Eastern Serbia

Tuesday, 8 Mar 2005

In actuion in Negotin

On Tuesday morning we drove two hours from Bor to Negotin
at the point where Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania intersect.
Negotin is famous for its wine and caviar. I had a workshop
with 23 students in the library of the local gymnazium.
It was International Women's Day, so all the girls were
carrying small bouquets or a single-stemmed rose.
Below I've posted some examples of the work they produced
in the sixty minutes we spent together.

No Text

The Creative Writing hour in the "British Days" around Serbia and Montenegro is a way of providing children and teachers with a taster of an teaching, which is now a standard element in schools in England. In learners of English as a Foreign Language Creative writing can make the business of learning vocabulary and practising writing skills fun rather than an academic chore.

At the gymnazium in Negotin we did two activities in the hour we had together; writing a short poem using a nursery rhyme as a pattern and writing a mini-saga of no more than 50 words.
They are useful warm-up activity for groups who are completely knew to creative writing as it primary elements of poetry, rhythm and repetition, are very much in the foreground. Below are some of the Solomon Grundy poems.


by Aleksandra Taiudzic
I noticed you on Monday
In that school cafe
I approached you on Tuesday
In that same cafe
We started talking,
And then came Wednesday
When we went out together.
We were having fun on Thursday.
I fell in love with you on Friday.
You left on Saturday
Without an explanation.
And on Sunday I got over you
And my life carried on.

TEDDY BEAR by Karolina Kalic
He was made on Monday
Got in the store on Tuesday
He collected dust on Wednesday
A girl came and saw him on Thursday
He parents bought him on Friday
She played with him on Saturday
And she forgot him on Sunday.

Solomon Grundy by Vladimir Tanic
Born on a Monday
Found a football on Tuesday
Scored a goal on Wednesday
Learned to dribble on Thursday
Got injured on Friday
Heard doctors' sad news on Saturday
Under surgery on Sunday
And that is the end of Solomon Grundy

NEMANJA SIMIC by himself
Was born on Thursday
He played the whole Friday
Found books on Saturday
Began painting on Sunday
School started on Monday
Today it's Tuesday
Who knows what happens Wednesday

By Milena Jakovljevic
When I got up Monday was there
Tuesday night then I was scared
Wednesday brought me a lot of gladness
Thursday came slow and brought sadness
Friday was a day for fun
I love Saturday then I run
Sunday is always the same
But it was a good week
I won't complain

Dominic Dundy by Aleksandar Stojanovic
and Dominik Jankovic
Born on a Sunday
Went to school on Monday
Graduated on Tuesday
Got a job on Wednesday
Married on Thursday
Became a father on Friday
And a grandfather on Saturday
This is the life of Dominic Dundy

JANE BLONDIE by Milica Jovanovic,
Vladimir Bokic
and Aleksandar Dzordzevic
Was alone on Monday
Met Jack on Tuesday
Got married on Wednesday
Honeymoon on Thursday
Pregnant on Friday
Big stomach on Saturday
And then Jane Blondie gave birth to a baby
Which she named Grundy
And all that on Sunday

By Jovana Kopunovic and Milijana Dzuric
Started to cry on a Monday
Started to lie on Tuesday
Found some money on Wednesday
Went on a cruise on Thursday
Met a girl on Friday
Got married on Saturday
Lived happy till Sunday

Father Henry by Emilija Madzar
and Maja Gmitrovic
He was drunk on Monday
Got a hangover on Tuesday
Car crash on Wednesday
Recovery on Thursday
Left hospital on Friday
Fell in love on Sunday
Oh, poor Father Henry

by Petar Sindjic
He woke up on Monday
Found a job on Tuesday
Got fired on Wednesday
Spent his money on Thursday
Sold his house on Friday
Gambled on Saturday
Lost it on Sunday

by Sanja Mikulovic
I was born on Monday
I met my family on Tuesday
I thought that life is something wonderful on Wednesday
When met other people on Thursday
I realised that it wasn't always the truth
A lot of people in this world are poor, unhappy and lonely
But on Friday life became lovely for me again
On Saturday I had a wish to hear a new name
And on Sunday I knew that life can be a very interesting game.

MARY AND JAMES by Milos Misic
James saw Mary on a Monday
Fell in love on a sunny Tuesday
Asked her out on a Wednesday
"I love you!" he said on a Thursday.
Their first kiss on a Friday.
Made wedding plans on a Saturday.
And they got married! Guess!
It was Sunday!

MICHAEL STEP by Danijel Gornjakovic
Born on a Monday
Left home on Tuesday
Killed a man on Wednesday
Got shot on Thursday
Realised his life was a mistake on Friday
Fell into coma on Saturday
Died alone in jail on Sunday!

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