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Workshop in Bor, Eastern Serbia

Monday, 7 Mar 2005

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We arrived late at Bor gymnazium. Perhaps the rush to set up that this entailed
resulted in a certain excitement. But certainly this was one of the liveliest
groups I have worked with.
We did an instant poem activity - a list poem with a model from the Slovenian
poet, Tomasz Salamun. I asked students to produce a list of objects, feelings
and ideas at random and then link them using a single verb.

The results were better than I hoped and you can judge for yourself.

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I want a notebook to write down my thoughts
I want a TV to watch basketball
I want a bed to have a rest
I want a table to put a picture on it
I want a family to support me
I want a ring as a sign that somebody loves me.
from Milena Nikolic, Gimnazija "Bora Stankovic" Bor

I like TV. When I am bored TV is my best friend
I like riding a bicycle. It is very healthy to ride it
I like living in a building. I have a lot of neighbours
and it is very interesting to talk with them
I lik emy hair. I would like to be a hair stylist
I like my dog. He can sometimes understand me when nobody else can
I don't like my school bag because it is very heavy.
from Dragoslav Milosavljevic, Gimnazija "Bora Stankovic" Bor

I like roses. They have wonderfull smell
I like holidays. It's perfect time for having fun
I like potato. My mother makes delicious french-fries
I like wearing glasses. In the summer they can be very useful
I like one boy. He has wonderful smile
I like films, because some of the actors can be very handsome.
from Danijela Zivanovic, Gimnazija "Bora Stankovic" Bor

I have a computer. I play video-games on my computer
I have a bag. I go shopping with my bag
I have a town. My town is famous
I have a car. My car is very old
I have a ball. I play with my ball
I have a planet. My planet is Earth
I have a problem. Problem is going to be solved
I have a brother. I love him very much
I have a pen that only I'm allowed to touch.
from Milos Ilic, Gimnazija "Bora Stankovic" Bor

I wish for a swimming-pool. A swimming-pool in which I can enjoy
I wish for a map. A map by which I can travel
I wish for a frog. A frog can tell me what is the weather like
I wish for a blanket. A blanket to keep me warm
I wish for a bed. A bed on which I can lie down with my blanket
I wish for a chair. A chair I can write from
I wish for a joke. A joke I can use to close my thoughts and feelings.
from Aleksandar Trailovic, Gimnazija "Bora Stankovic" Bor

I like to eat chocolate. Chocolate has a lot of calories
I like my mother. My mother is also my best friend
I like to climb on the tree. Tree is a place where you can have a wonderful view
I like to wear a shoes. Shoes save my legs
I don't like war. War is the most terrible thing in the world.
from Irena Spasic, Bor

I have a gun. I hope I'll never shoot someone with it
I have a donkey. Actually it is a very funny toy.
I have a book. It is a very useful thing if you are lonely
I have a shelf. I put different things on it
I have a a leg so I can walk
I have a drifter in my street. He is very sad person.
from Dragana Milosevic, Bor

I like football. My boyfriend is a football player
I like my jacket. My jacket is warm
I like making picures. Making picures makes me happy
I don't like going to doctor. Doctor makes me nervous
I like to see the sky. It keeps me calm
I like going down the street with my friend. Street is good place to see somebody new.
from Jovana Veljkovic, Bor

I need a sky to feel free
I love trains, because kids like them
I need my black ring, he makes me feel like a real human
I love my hair. In hair sleeps my power, my freedom
I hate TV. Too many lies in one place
I like reading books. Some of them, the good ones, can make you think.
from Svetlana Dinic, Ekonomsko-trgovinska skola, Bor

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